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The Habermehl Team

Good financial and tax advice always pays off
Our experts go for results and take work off the hands of companies and private individuals


For 20 years we have been serving clients from home and abroad, including sole traders, SMEs, directors and managers and private individuals. You want to work with us if you do not like long advice memos but a short clear explanation so you can quickly continue. 

Niek Pilgram

Niek Pilgram

tax consultant/ director

Niek Pilgram is a tax lawyer and director/owner of Habermehl.

As a member of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers, Niek advises and assists entrepreneurs in setting up companies or B.V.'s, business succession, mergers, international tax law and objection and appeal procedures against the tax authorities.

For individuals and families, he is involved in estate planning and often fulfils the role of in-house tax consultant.

Member of the NOB and the Tax Science Association

+31 (0)35 628 57 53

Bernd Koster

tax advisor

Bernd is a tax adviser at Habermehl and advises on notarial matters. As a candidate notary he has gained a lot of experience with the legal aspects of wills, advising on prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements, estate planning and settling estates. You can count on Bernd for complete advice.

+31 (0)35 628 57 53


Marieke Doves-Bierman

tax advisor

Marieke Doves-Bierman works as a junior tax consultant. She deals with tax returns and advises on various tax issues. She assists both private individuals and entrepreneurs.

Marieke graduated from Nyenrode Business University in 2020. Before joining Habermehl in October 2020, she worked at ABN AMRO and EY.

+31 (0)35 628 57 53

Ginette Germeraad

office manager

+31 (0)35 628 57 53

Mathijs van den Top

account manager/ assistant accountant

+31 (0)35 628 57 53

Tim Broekhuizen

relationship management/ assistant accountant

+31 (0)35 628 57 53

Danny Budding

relationship management/ assistant accountant

+31 (0)35 628 57 53

Ruud Hofman

accountant-administration consultant (AA)

Ruud is a certified Accountant-Administration Consultant (AA) at the NBA.

+31 (0)35 628 57 53

Bertina van Ginkel-Blankenspoor

payroll administrator

+31 (0)35 628 57 53


Dominique van zaanen

assistant accountant

+31 (0)35 628 57 53

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