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Filing tax returns for a deceased person

We provide tax advice to next of kin, heirs and executors and prepare tax returns after death

If a loved one has died, as an heir or executor for the deceased, you must file income tax returns for the current year up to the time of death. To do the deceased person's tax return the Inland Revenue will send you an F tax return form. If you want assurance that this comprehensive return is done properly and want to be relieved, choose to have the tax return after death to be done by our consultants. 

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Why still file tax returns after death?

After death, the deceased obviously no longer has to pay taxes, but the tax authorities still want a settlement on income up to the day of death. Therefore, there must still be tax return after death be done.

Tax return after death: here's how it works

When a loved one has passed away, a lot comes your way. In addition to the emotional processing, there are business matters to be handled. Has no executor been appointed? Then all the heirs are jointly responsible for settling the estate. The fiscal settlement works as follows:

  1. The deceased person's last income tax return must be filed.
  2. You will automatically receive an F form for doing tax return for a deceased person.
  3. If you have applied for and received a next-of-kin authorization from the Internal Revenue Service, you can file a deceased person's tax return online. We can also take the work off your hands.
Remember to keep all invoices of expenses you incurred as heir or executor. Some costs are deductible via the inheritance tax return. You will receive a tax return form for this as an heir. Are you worried and want to be sure that the tax return is filed correctly after death, or for example, did you stay behind with the children after death? Then ask us as tax return advisor for deceased for advice. We know what deductions apply for special expenses.

F-form to be filled in digitally

The Internal Revenue Service sends next of kin a paper F form, which the tax return for a deceased person can be done. Would you like to file the tax return for a deceased person online? This is possible through us because as an intermediary we have the necessary tax return software (no DigiD required). If you engage us, our tax experts will of course also look at ways to save tax.

Tax return deceased partner

If there is a fiscal partnership, then you have 2 choices for the income tax return:

If there is a fiscal partnership, then you have 2 choices for the income tax return:

What is the deadline for the return?

The deceased person's tax return must be received by the Tax Office before May 1 following the year of death. Usually within 5 months after death, the next of kin receive a letter for this purpose from the Tax Office requesting the final income tax return for the deceased. Attached to the letter is a paper F tax return form, which states the deadline for submission.

The deceased had a business, Limited Liability Company or lived abroad?

Was the loved one for whom the tax return should be done owner of a business? Or did the deceased live abroad and receive income from the Netherlands or was there a house in the Netherlands?

The situations described above make your income tax return extra complicated. Our tax specialists know exactly which rules and deductions apply and have a great deal of experience with complex returns.

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What can we help you with?

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This is how we support the tax return for a deceased person

This is how it works

Step 1
You will meet your tax consultant by phone or during an appointment at our office. Afterwards, you will receive a proposal. If you agree with the offer, then the tax consultant will get to work.
Step 1
Step 2
You will receive an e-mail with useful information and a checklist. This way, you can immediately see which information your tax consultant needs to start working on your case.
Step 2
Step 3
The tax consultant delivers the advice and/or the draft tax return before the agreed date, so that there is sufficient time to go through the documents. If you agree, the tax return is filed.
Step 3

So, as a survivor, you will face different taxes after the death of a loved one: the Internal Revenue Service expects a deceased person's tax return via an F form and a inheritance tax return. What the best order of completion is varies from situation to situation. We as tax return advisor for deceased find this out for you, monitor deadlines and request deferrals where necessary to avoid extra costs.

The convenience of multiple specialties under 1 roof

In addition to the tax matters that need to be arranged around a death, there are often notarial or legal questions. In addition, you may have to deal with the executorship. Know that our team will support you in those areas as well. We have all the knowledge in house: tax specialists, lawyers, assistant accountants and a notarial lawyer.

Discover the possibilities

Imagine the peace of mind that comes from having a tax expert handle the tax returns for a deceased person. Are you looking for a specialist who gives good tax advice and prepares and submits tax returns? You can make an informal appointment by telephone or at our office. 

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What can we help you with?

You can reach us at (035) 628 5753 or Do you prefer us to contact you? Fill in your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.