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International tax advice for companies, expats and individuals

Ensure that your international tax affairs are properly taken care of

International tax advice

Professional tax advice for international companies

International tax advice

Do you have assets abroad? Are you emigrating, planning to return to the Netherlands or working abroad? Is your company active in several countries or do you plan to do business internationally? Then you have to deal with international tax rules. It is therefore important to be well informed.

Obtaining international tax advice

We help Dutch companies working internationally, and foreign companies doing business on Dutch soil, with expert tax advice. We also provide international tax advice to expats and private individuals who (r)emigrate or immigrate.

In order to help and provide you with international tax advice, we have specific up-to-date knowledge of international tax laws and regulations, we know how to apply tax treaties and how taxation works abroad. Are you business or private looking for sound international tax advice then we will help you.

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Personal contact with a tax expert

International tax advice for businesses

Does your company have to deal with foreign tax rules, due to new tax treaties and cross-border business, for example? Then we can help you with sound international tax advice on important topics such as:

Is your question not in the list above? Get in touch. Often we can still help you for more specific international tax advice or refer you to the right partner.

International tax advice for individuals

Our clients are Dutch people moving (temporarily) abroad or already living abroad and people moving to the Netherlands. We specialize in preparing Dutch tax returns with foreign assets or income.

Outsourcing international tax matters often provides benefits. We provide clear legal and international tax advice on tax issues such as:

Is your question not in the list above? Then please contact us. Often we can still help you or refer you to the right partner.

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we solve questions

Our services

Individuals and business owners can contact us for the following services:

Is your question not in the list above? Please contact us. Often we can still help you or refer you to the right partner.

The 30% scheme: a tax exemption for expats

Have you been sent abroad by your employer or do you work in the Netherlands as an expat? You may be able to benefit from the 30% scheme. This is a tax relief scheme for extraterritorial costs. Would you like advice about the 30% Scheme? Our specialists will be happy to answer your questions.  

Fill in and submit M form

In the year of immigration or emigration, you file an income tax return using an M form. You will receive this tax return form from the Tax Office if you only lived in the Netherlands for part of the fiscal year because you emigrated from the Netherlands or immigrated to the Netherlands. To fill out this form, you need specific tax knowledge. For example, to calculate the income to be preserved. Need help? Our tax experts will prepare the M-tax return for you. They will also submit the tax return to the tax authorities. This will save you time and money.

Need help? Our tax experts will calculate the income to be preserved, set the M-bill for you and file the tax return with the IRS. This saves you time and money.

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Niek Pilgram

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This is what you can expect when you engage us

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We get acquainted and discuss your situation and wishes. You will then receive an estimate. If you agree, we will start our work.
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We exchange any documents through our digital customer environment. This is how we guarantee data security.
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Step 3
Your tax consultant will complete the work within the agreed schedule. If you have a question in between, you will always receive a response within 24 hours on working days.
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Step 4
Because our team consists of 10 specialists, you can be sure that the work will continue if your regular tax consultant is absent.
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Step 5
For very specific questions we work together with partners. For example, you will benefit from this if you need to file an income tax return in the United States.
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Facts and figures about Habermehl

Over 1,000 individuals, businesses and international clients rely on us for tax advice
Customers rate our services and services with a: 4.7 out of 5 (source: Google)
Our team consists of lawyers, payroll administrators and assistant accountants in addition to (international) tax specialists
Quality guaranteed: we are a member of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers

Get to know a specialist in international tax law

Do you think it is important that your international tax affairs are properly organised? Do you want to save tax and avoid additional charges? Our team has been providing international tax advice to companies and individuals for 20 years. This is one of our specialties and you can benefit from it. Schedule your appointment now.

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