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Appointing an executor

For a smooth settlement of the estate 

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Bernd Koster

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Why appoint an executor?

If you do not name an executor (formerly executor of a will) in your will, your next of kin will handle the inheritance together. This responsibility often leads to tensions. Therefore, appoint a professional as executor for the settlement of the estate. This way the heirs can mourn in peace. 

The benefits at a glance

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The tasks of an executor

The executor carries out the wishes set out in the will and administers and distributes the estate. He or she acts on behalf of the heirs and may have the following responsibilities such as the:

The executor is obliged to keep your heirs properly informed about the state of affairs.

When to appoint an executor?

It is always wise to appoint an executor. Especially in these situations:

In addition, a large group of people appoint an executor because of the convenience and assurance that the estate will be handled properly.

3 types

Who can you name?

Both individuals and legal entities can be executors. This means that you can, for example, appoint a family member, trustee, notary, tax consultant, accountant or foundation. It is always good to consider whether the person has enough time. And whether they have fiscal and financial insight. 

Who are excluded?

Minors and incapacitated persons cannot be executors. This also applies to people who are under administration, have been declared bankrupt or are in debt restructuring.

Appoint Habermehl as executor

Many people choose to appoint an advisor in executor because they:

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You are welcome to visit us at our office for an introduction. You can also do this by phone if you prefer.
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Know where you stand
If you include us as executor in your will, we will ensure that you know exactly what to expect.
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Have you considered an endowment plan?

If heirs inherit your assets in a lump sum upon death, they will pay relatively high inheritance tax . You can avoid this by starting a tax-free gift during your lifetime. Our advisors in naming executors will be happy to show you the advantages and possibilities. 

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