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Are you going to live, work or do business abroad? If you're taking the plunge, you naturally hope for a successful adventure. So contact us in good time for tailor-made international tax advice. That way you can avoid tax setbacks.

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Common international tax questions we solve

Which country considers you a tax resident if your life takes place in multiple countries?

Where your worldwide income is taxed depends on your fiscal residence. This is not automatically the same as your real place of residence. The tax authorities look at the 'conditions'. If it turns out that you have sufficient ties with the Netherlands, the inspector may determine that you are resident here for tax purposes. If another country agrees, you have a double tax residence.

Follow the international agreements for the deduction of double taxation

If you pay tax abroad, you want to avoid having to pay tax in the Netherlands on the same income. Fortunately, the Netherlands has tax treaties with many countries. If there is no tax treaty, the Decree on Avoidance of Double Taxation (Bvdb) applies.

The tax treaty, or BoM, determines which country taxes which part of the income. The tax treaties and the CoC have two methods for avoiding double taxation: the exemption method and the settlement method. Which method applies differs from case to case because it depends, for example, on the country and the type of income.

Paying social security contributions in the right country

Within the EU, you are obliged to be socially insured in the country where you work. If you work in 2 or more countries, it becomes more complicated. If the premiums are paid in the wrong country, the employer and employee run the risk of additional costs. We therefore advise you to find out about social insurance in advance and to arrange for it to be done in good time.

Taking advantage of tax benefits as a qualifying foreign taxpayer

Do you live outside the Netherlands, but pay tax on your income in the Netherlands? Perhaps you meet the requirements for qualifying foreign taxpayers. If so, you are entitled to the same tax relief and tax credits as Dutch residents.

Exit tax on the emigration of the company

The Tax Authorities do not want to lose any tax money on emigration. If you or your company leaves the Netherlands, you may have to deal with an exit tax. This means that you will have to pay income tax or corporation tax on the fiscal and hidden reserves. Please note: in practice, private individuals and companies regularly overlook exit taxes.

The correct internal profit allocation when doing international business

If your company does business in several countries, then you must correctly distribute the profits between the local branch (permanent establishment) and the head office (main house). This internal settlement is known as transfer pricing. The rules for this principle are becoming increasingly strict. In addition, the tax authorities require extensive transfer pricing documentation.

Benefits of a solid transfer pricing policy

A good transfer pricing policy will be of great benefit to you. For example, you can avoid discussions, double taxation and penalties. In addition, you can optimise the tax burden for your entire company by correctly allocating costs, profits and risks between the business units.

Assistance with international tax questions

Are you planning to live, work or do business abroad and do you consider it important that your international tax affairs are in order? Our specialists will look after your fiscal interests and give you clear tax advice tailored to your needs. You can also come to us for:

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Leaving quietly for abroad is passé. This also applies to international business. The Netherlands already exchanges financial information with over 100 countries. Information about persons and companies with assets or income that may be subject to tax abroad.

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