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Estate planning

Phased asset transfer according to a well thought-out plan 

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An integrated approach guarantees good estate planning

There is more to estate planning than most people suspect. Only when all legal agreements and tax regulations reinforce each other will you achieve an optimal result. That is why our estate planners work according to a formula that provides legal certainty, flexibility and tax benefits.  

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Estate planning leads to tax benefits

Inheritance planning involves transferring your assets during your lifetime in stages. By reducing the size of the inheritance, the heirs pay less tax. Naturally, you will want to retain sufficient financial scope. We therefore recommend that you carefully weigh the pros and cons of transferring your assets and take various scenarios into account. 

And gives peace

In addition to the above-mentioned tax benefits, estate planning ensures that the distribution of the inheritance proceeds smoothly. This is because you make and record specific agreements. This prevents, for example:

For whom and when?

Surely estate planning is only interesting for wealthy people and business owners? Of course the interests are greater when there is a lot of wealth. But make no mistake. Estate planning is relevant to all life events. For example, when you move in together, get married or divorce. And also if you have children, buy a house, move abroad or start a business. 

This is how we support estate planning

This is what you can expect when you engage us

Step 1
Our cooperation starts with you (and your partner). We can only do our job properly if your wishes and current situation are known.
Step 1
Step 2
Is all the important info complete?
Then your estate planner will look into the possibilities.

We take a closer look at the following 6 pillars:
- marital conditions
- donations
- wills
- pensions
- life assurances
- international aspects
Step 2
Step 3
You will receive an advice with recommendations and action points. Of course we will gladly explain this in person if you wish.
Step 3
Step 4
Once the plan is complete, we will help you get the necessary documents in order. We know several notaries whom we can heartily recommend.
Step 4
Step 5
Finally, we recommend that you check the plan at least once every 5 years. First of all, because the rules and laws change almost every year. In addition, an important event in your life can be the reason for a change.
Step 5

The convenience of all relevant knowledge under 1 roof

Do you have a question about estate planning or related topics such as the gift plan, tax returns, etc.? gift tax, inheritance tax and income tax? Please contact us. Our specialists have the necessary knowledge at hand and respond adequately. You can rely on them.

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