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Tax advice in a divorce
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Marieke Doves-Bierman

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Timely tax advice in the event of a divorce has advantages

If you're getting divorced, you're not expecting problems with the IRS. Yet this happens to many ex-partners. Do you want to handle your divorce tax-wise? Benefit from the tax advice of our divorce advisors.

The benefits at a glance

Contact us before you sign the divorce agreement. That way you can avoid problems later on.

Answers to all your questions about tax advice in the event of a divorce

Ex-partners often make mistakes in their tax returns

Research by the Internal Revenue Service shows that 50% of newly divorced couples with owner-occupied homes make tax return errors. For example, with the mortgage interest deduction. This is not going to happen to you, is it? Our financial divorce advisors can help you with that.

After a divorce as tax partners or separately?

You may still file income tax returns as tax partners in the year of separation. Sometimes this provides a tax advantage and other times it is more favorable to file separately. That is why we calculate various scenarios. In the event of a divorce or separation, we take into account any consequences for the healthcare or rent benefits, for example.

How do the tax authorities deal with owner-occupied property after a divorce?

Splitting up has an impact on the mortgage interest deduction and the notional rental value. Many ex-partners make mistakes because the rules are complex. Who may deduct or must add which part and for how long, differs from situation to situation. Our tax experts will be happy to explain.

How is alimony regulated for tax purposes?

We know 2 types of alimony: child and spousal support. The amount of child support is untaxable for the recipient and not deductible for the payer. Partner alimony is a different story. It counts as taxable income for the recipient and is tax deductible for the payer.

A lump-sum buy-out of spousal support may provide a tax advantage

Did you know that you can buy out spousal support in a lump sum? It gives you a significant tax advantage if you do this properly and on time. Therefore, ask our tax divorce advisors about the possibilities and conditions in case of divorce.

Uneven distribution of estates leads to gift tax

Did you know that you can buy out spousal support in a lump sum? It gives you a significant tax advantage if you do this properly and on time. Therefore, ask our tax divorce advisor about the possibilities and conditions.

This is how we support divorce

This is our working method

Step 1
You will meet your tax consultant at our office, or during a telephone appointment if that is more convenient for you.
Step 1
Step 2
Then you decide whether you want us to provide advice and/or take care of the tax return.
Step 2
Step 3
You will receive the necessary documents at the latest at the agreed time.
Step 3

These costs of the divorce are tax deductible

In doubt? Always save invoices and pose your question to our tax divorce advisors at divorce.

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