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Know how to save on your gift tax return

If you receive a gift, then you want to avoid paying a lot of gift tax. Therefore, you should carefully research the exemptions. Do this before accepting or receiving a donation. Our tax specialists will be happy to assist you and prepare your gift tax return.  

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When to file a gift tax return?

If you receive more than the general exemption, you must file a gift tax return. Note: sometimes, the tax authorities add up donations from several people. This happens, for example, if in one year you receive a gift from your (step) father and your (step) mother. Or from your grandfather and your grandmother.

This is the deadline for the declaration

If you receive a donation this year, the tax authorities want you to file a tax return before 1 March next year. Even if you do not receive a tax return form. By the way, the giver can also handle the gift tax. This happens rather rarely because the giver pays more tax than the receiver.

How much tax do I have to pay on the donation?

The amount of gift tax you pay varies from 10 to almost 40%. The rate depends on the value of the gift and your relationship to the giver. In addition, it is also good to pay attention to whether:

Benefit from a one-off higher exemption from gift tax

Your (step) parents can give you 1 tax-free gift more than the general exemption. This can be for a general purpose or for an expensive study. Your parents or others may also give you a gift for your own home. Important information:

Good tax advice pays for itself

Nobody wants to pay too much tax. And certainly not for a donation. Will you be receiving a gift or a paper donation soon? Please contact us. It would be a shame to miss out on an exemption because you don't know the rules or misinterpret them.

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Exceptional situations for the gift tax

In exceptional situations, you may not have to pay any tax at all on a donation. Here are 4 examples:

Take a good look at the conditions and make sure you don't overestimate your assets.

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