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Pay less tax with a donation plan

Do you think it's a shame that your heirs are paying a lot of inheritance tax? Or do you want to help them realise their dreams? Make a gift plan before you start transferring your assets. Need assistance? Our tax specialists will show you the choices you can make. We also have the necessary notarial and legal knowledge.

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Gifts during life are fiscally more advantageous than inheritance

The rates for gift tax and inheritance tax are virtually identical. Nevertheless, donating provides an advantage for the heirs because you can transfer your assets partly tax-free. This is due to the general exemptions and the one-off increased exemption for gift tax purposes. 

Preventing the inheritance from being taxed at the highest rate

If you leave a lot of assets, calculate whether it is interesting to donate more than the above-mentioned exemptions. By reducing your inheritance, you can sometimes prevent your loved ones from having to pay the highest inheritance tax rate. 

Donate your company

Do you have a business and are you planning to gift it to one of your children? Make sure you receive proper advice because you are eligible for tax benefits, provided you meet the conditions. One of these facilities is the business succession planning (BOR). This means that the new owner pays less gift tax, or even no gift tax at all, on the business assets. 

Donate on paper if your assets are tied up

A paper donation can be interesting if the assets are 'tied up'. For example, in a house or investments. You record which donation you will make in the future and who will receive it. This is officially called 'recognition of debt by generosity'. If you are considering this option, check beforehand what conditions the tax authorities impose. Also check the possible impact on box 3 of the income tax return.

How to keep a grip on the donation?

Many people like to keep some influence on their donation. For example, to see that it is spent wisely, or because the beneficiary is a minor. And if an heir gets divorced, can the assets then pass to his or her partner? 

There are various options by which you retain control over the donation. This can include:

Of course, our advisors will go through the options with you when you have us draw up your gift plan.

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Do you have questions about the gift plan or related topics such as the gift tax return, inheritance tax  and income tax? Come into action. Our tax experts will give you the answers you are looking for. You can rely on them.

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