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Dividend tax return

Worry-free dividend distribution and dividend tax filing with a dividend tax advisor from Habermehl.

Be sure to comply with all tax and legal requirements

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Mathijs van den Top
Mathijs van den Top

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How well prepared are you for the dividend tax return?

The rules for dividend payments by BVs and NVs are strict. Assistance needed? Our tax specialists will advise you on the benefit test and take care of the dividend tax return.

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Start with the mandatory benefits test

Before you distribute a dividend, you must obtain approval. The board of your company must do a distribution test. If the board approves the distribution, you can pay out the dividend. But if it turns out during the following period that there is insufficient money to pay the bills, then...:

Therefore, follow the formalities that apply to the benefits test and record all information correctly.

Paying out a dividend means withholding and remitting tax

If you pay dividends to shareholders, then as a company you are usually required to:

There are exceptions

Sometimes a company does not have to withhold dividend tax and file a tax return. This occurs, for example, in the case of a fiscal unity. Or if an operating company distributes profits to the holding company and is entitled to participation exemption. Want to know more? Our dividend withholding tax advisors will provide clarity.

Tight deadline for filing and paying dividend tax

You have to file your tax return within 1 month after the day on which the dividend has been made available. The same deadline applies to the payment of the dividend tax. This means that the counter will start running on the date that the board approves the distribution. Therefore, start preparing on time and avoid penalties.

Benefit from our knowledge

Are you considering distributing the profits of your BV or nv as dividends? And would you like your dividend tax return to be in order? Contact us and experience how we as tax advisors can help you with these and other relevant returns, such as those for the corporate tax and the income tax.

This is how we support dividend tax

This is our working method

We like clarity. If you decide to engage us, we will make agreements with each other about:

Step 1
You will meet your tax consultant at our office, or during a phone call if that suits you better. We agree on the fee and the scope of the work.
Step 1
Step 2
What you can expect when and what information we need. And which platforms we use to exchange documents.
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Step 3
You will receive the necessary documents at the latest at the agreed time.
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The convenience of everything under 1 roof

Are you looking for a permanent tax consultant who also understands accountancy and legal issues? We have the knowledge and experience to help you on all fronts. Besides tax specialists, our team consists of: lawyers, assistant accountants and salary administrators.

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