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Save tax and avoid fines and additional charges

Tax return private person

Use all tax credits and deductions for your income tax return

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Joey Spanish
Joey Spanish

tax return clerk/junior tax specialist
+31 (0)35 628 57 53

Save money with your tax return as a private individual

Every private individual can benefit from tax credits when filing a tax return. Which tax credits you can apply depends on your personal situation. You can also reduce your taxable income through deductions. Want to be sure that you never pay too much tax? Our tax specialists will take care of it.

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When to file your tax return?

As a private individual you have to pay 1 May income tax return do this. The Tax Authorities will then send you a provisional assessment before 1 July. This means that on that date you will know how much tax you will have to pay or will receive back.

Extra costs if you file your income tax return too late

Private individuals who submit their tax return too late are subject to an omission penalty. The additional costs you pay to the Tax Administration are at least € 385. You should therefore always file your tax return before 1 May or arrange for a postponement.

How to get a tax deferral for private individuals?

You can apply for a postponement of your income tax return through a tax consultant like us. Can't make it by May 1? Use our deferral scheme for private individuals. This will give you 1 extra year to file your tax return.

Deferred collection interest

If you use the deferral scheme, the Tax and Customs Administration will charge a maximum of 4% tax interest. This means that your assessment will be slightly higher if you have to pay tax. If you receive tax money back, then the collection interest may work to your advantage.

Situations in which you will definitely benefit from a tax advisor

Few private individuals look forward to the day of the tax return. This is logical because filing a tax return is becoming increasingly time-consuming and difficult. Especially if you:

Our tax advisors for individuals think in terms of opportunities. They also calculate various scenarios for you. What we do, we do well and on time. In addition, you benefit from our good relationship with the tax authorities. As a result, you often know where you stand.

This is how we support you with your tax return

Want to know what our working method is?

Step 1
You tell us by e-mail or telephone what your situation is. Then you will receive a quote that is tailored to your situation.
Step 1
Step 2
If you agree with the rate, then your tax consultant will get to work. You will now receive an e-mail with the documents we need.
Step 2
Step 3
You will also receive login details for the customer portal. We work digitally because it is important that you can provide the necessary data effortlessly and safely.
Step 3
Step 4
Your tax consultant processes your data in our tax return software. Of course he/she checks the outcome and always looks for ways to improve. That way you can be sure that you never pay too much tax.
Step 4
Step 5
You will receive an e-mail with a link to the portal so you can easily view the document. Your advisor will go through the declaration with you. As soon as you approve the declaration, he/she submits it to the tax authorities.
Step 5

Facts and figures about Habermehl

Over 1,000 individuals and businesses rely on us for tax advice
Customers rate our services and services with a: 4.7 out of 5 (source: Google)
Quality guaranteed: we are a member of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers
Continuing education through PAOB, the Postgraduate Education in Tax Science

Need help with your private tax return?

Tax laws and regulations are becoming increasingly complex and change every year. Want to save money and time? Call in help. In the maze of possibilities and limitations, our tax advisors will make sure you don't have to worry about your tax return.

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