what our customers say

I highly recommend Habermehl for personal and business financial and tax advice.

Since 2009 I started to work abroad more and more. I have been working with Habermehl and Niek Pilgram ever since. I have found peace of mind and confidence for my international tax affairs at all times. 

This has worked both ways for me, as I have lived in The Netherlands with a foreign income and lived abroad with income and assets in The Netherlands. I highly recommend Habermehl for personal and business financial and tax advice.

~ Bastiaan den Braber

Lots of knowledgeable info, clear communication about costs, declaration handled very quickly and adequately

A few weeks ago I contacted Habermehl and a day later I was called back immediately. Good conversation, went through everything, lots of knowledgeable information.

After a pleasant conversation at the office in Hilversum, my income tax return was handled very quickly and adequately. The exchange of e-mails was excellent and I could ask all the questions I wanted to. Moreover, there was clear communication about the costs.

Habermehl has a new customer!

~ Paul Audenaerd

Perfect service, proactive, accurate, always a quick response when contacted and extremely friendly and flexible

Couldn't have been more pleased.

Habermehl has helped me very much in the past year. I still had some issues to resolve regarding income tax and other matters and I have benefited from this very much. Without Habermehl I would not have been able to achieve this.

~ Heerco Groenewegen

Professionally assisted in organizing and implementing my payroll with my new foreign employer

Their professional knowledge, combined with their experience in dealing with partners abroad, led to a quick and good settlement.

~ Frits Nieuwenhuijsen

My experience with Habermehl is very positive. They are very knowledgeable and explain everything as simple as possible. They think with you and really pay attention to you as a customer and take the time for you. I am very happy with them.
Pleasant, complete and fast assistance with handling of will and support in executor's role

We have been a satisfied customer for many years. On several occasions we have been helped very professionally with 30% arrangements for an international job.

From us Habermehl gets 5 stars.

The services of Habermehl are characterised by expertise, a flexible attitude and friendly colleagues to work with. When the need arises, they are prepared to step in quickly and help the customer on his way.
I have been a Habermehl customer since 2005. Habermehl is a very reliable partner for me.

In all these years I have always experienced kindness, empathy, calmness and great expertise.

They always immerse themselves in the subject matter, including, if necessary, foreign tax matters.