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what our customers say

I highly recommend Habermehl for personal and business financial and fiscal advice

Since 2009 I started to work abroad more and more. I have been working with Habermehl and Niek Pilgram ever since. I have found peace of mind and confidence for my international tax affairs at all times. 

This has worked both ways for me, as I have lived in The Netherlands with a foreign income and lived abroad with income and assets in The Netherlands. I highly recommend Habermehl for personal and business financial and tax advice.

~ Bastiaan den Braber

Lots of knowledgeable info, clear communication about costs, declaration handled very quickly and adequately

A few weeks ago I contacted Habermehl and a day later I was called back immediately. Good conversation, went through everything, lots of knowledgeable information.

After a pleasant conversation at the office in Hilversum, my income tax return was handled very quickly and adequately. The exchange of e-mails was excellent and I could ask all the questions I wanted to. Moreover, there was clear communication about the costs.

Habermehl has a new customer!

~ Paul Audenaerd

Perfect service, proactive, accurate, always a quick response when contacted and extremely friendly and flexible

Couldn't have been more pleased.

Habermehl has helped me very much in the past year. I still had some issues to resolve regarding income tax and other matters and I have benefited from this very much. Without Habermehl I would not have been able to achieve this.

~ Heerco Groenewegen

Professionally assisted in organizing and implementing my payroll with my new foreign employer

Their professional knowledge, combined with their experience in dealing with partners abroad, led to a quick and good settlement.

~ Frits Nieuwenhuijsen
Very satisfied
Fast, friendly and knowledgeable
Very satisfied with the fast and professional work of Niek Pilgram and Marieke Doves-Bierman

As heirs, we had made some mistakes in our inheritance tax return. Fortunately this was corrected in time by Habermehl. This required a quick response from them and reading up on our (paper) returns, which was done to our complete satisfaction. Many thanks for this. I can highly recommend Habermehl.

Service-oriented and knowledgeable on tax issues
Very professionally helped and received good advice from Mr. Pilgram in filing the inheritance tax return

Clear communication and the appointments were kept within the deadline.
In the future, I will certainly continue to call on Habermehl whenever I need tax advice.

Actually, my gratitude cannot be expressed in words

The efficiency, the help, the taking of priority matters out of my hands, the relieving of matters off my mind, the fantastic communication and in the process the neat handling was a blessing to me in a time of grief and mourning.
Thank you Marieke!!! Absolutely recommended!

We have been a client since 2005. Amazingly professional team with great knowledge of the Netherlands taxation landscape. Really helped our company solve some complex situations

I can only highly recommend Niek and his team!

Fine communication, short lines and good and constructive thinking 

We were incredibly well served by everyone we spoke to from Habermehl!

I recommend that every person in the event of divorce (during and after) get good tax information from Habermehl. They have the right expertise

I was helped enormously well and kindly by Marieke and Niek regarding all kinds of tax surprises as a result of a divorce. Both are empathetic and can empathize with your situation. They have quickly created an overview and peace in the chaos. 

Super happy with Habermehl's help

Moved to Denmark in 2020 and closing my Dutch tax affairs was not entirely clear to me.

Marieke explained everything calmly and clearly and as a result took away an awful lot of worries. I can definitely recommend Habermehl for help.
Eveline Bakker
My experience with Habermehl has been very positive. They are very knowledgeable and explain everything as simply as possible. They think with you and really pay attention to you as a customer and take time for you. I am very happy with them.
Robert-Jan Burgers
Pleasant, complete and fast assistance with handling of will and support in executor's role

We have been a satisfied customer for many years. On several occasions we have been helped very professionally with 30% arrangements for an international job.

From us Habermehl gets 5 stars.

The knowledge, skill and expertise I can appreciate since 10 years and has literally paid off

Habermehl has been my tax consultant for 10 years. I value good service, fast response to questions or requests and that is great. Discussions are based on content and we always come to a conclusion.

Habermehl found quite a considerable return for me. Have been using their services for 4 years

Habermehl assist me with my Dutch Tax returns, my main reason for using a company for this is due to being British and getting very lost in the Dutch Tax system. In my first year of being in the Netherlands, Habermehl found quite a considerable return for me, of course this is individual but without their knowledge I would have never know this was available. In addition, the previouse Tax adviser I was using had not found these overpayments...

Top notch tax advice, effective use of cloud and digital tools, at a great price

Very satisfied with service and result.

Good office! Communication is easy and fast

Received clear and understandable tax advice (as an individual). I would definitely recommend Habermehl.

I recommend Habermehl for starting up your business or administrate your finances

Very professional and prepared staff. They have supported me to open my business and so far it is successful.

Pleasant conversation with the advisor, much explanation and advice
I totally recommend them if you are someone who wants to outsource the responsibility of dealing with the tax authorities

I used Habermehl's services as it was my first year working as a freelancer and didn't want to risk any tax mistakes. They were easily reachable and they were answering any question I might have had, plus they are really experts in what they do.

What a great feeling it is to have been helped by Bernd Koster.

The coffee was fine too. Of course we expect the same fine reception at your new address! From the bottom of our hearts.

More than satisfied!

I was very professionally and expertly assisted by Bernd Koster. My thanks for this!

Bernd Koster is an expert, fast and gives adequate advice

Mr. Bernd Koster of Habermehl is my tax advisor.

The documents Bernd has prepared look very good and he is happy to give clarifying explanations if asked.

Very excellent and fast service, very happy with this office!
No-nonsense and you know right away where you stand

Knowledgeable and complete advice in handling returns.

Really good service!

Really good service!

A pleasant, personal approach and strongly customer-oriented
Mr. B. Koster of Habermehl Fiscal Advice provided me with excellent assistance

The advice was not only very professional, but I was particularly struck by the fact that Mr. Koster also immediately understood what was important to me personally. Many thanks for this.

Niek and his team work with the utmost accuracy and are extremely customer friendly

Nothing but praise!

Quick response, good advice, transparent about costs. Very satisfied

Very responsive, great advice, transparent about fees. Very happy customer!

Fast and friendly!
I would like to thank the people from Habermehl for the fine and quick service everything is very clear to me and I will gladly use their services for the next year.

I absolutely recommend Habermehl, not only for their professional commitment and knowledge, but especially for also the personal approach, the great support and information especially from the Office Management.

Recommended! Pleasant in contact and take time for a clear explanation.

Hans Verhagen-FSN Consultancy
I have been working with Habermehl for almost 3 years now. I am very satisfied

I chose them in 2020 because they have several employees which spreads out the work and there is always a person with the specific expertise I need at that moment. Also, they are proactive: if I ever forget something...I am nicely pointed out. I will continue with them for many years to come.

Robert van de Graaf-Allsetra B.V.
Habermehl services are characterized as expert, a flexible attitude and friendly colleagues to work with

If the need arises, they are also prepared to step in quickly and help the customer get off to a good start

Peter Romeijn
I have been a Habermehl customer since 2005. Habermehl is a very reliable partner for me.

In all these years I have always experienced kindness, empathy, calmness and great expertise.

They always immerse themselves in the subject matter, including, if necessary, foreign tax matters.

Habermehl, the one who convinced

After having interviewed three candidates Habermehl was the one who convinced, especially on proactive thinking

During the meeting, which went well personally, Habermehl brought up a few topics that were important to me, but which I had not addressed myself. This gave me confidence in Habermehl's proactive attitude.

The fiscal advice is very valuable

I thought every tax advisor could do the same thing, before this I was a client of a very large accounting firm that did not do a good job.

Habermehl has helped me very well, personally and quickly with the administration and tax returns of my private limited companies and the settlement of an estate. The fiscal advice I received from them is very valuable.

Because Habermehl has all disciplines in house, both administrative and fiscal, they were able to take me by the hand and make sure everything was taken care of and I had no more worries. I can highly recommend this office and its people.

They deliver consistently excellent service & advice

They are responsive and communicate well. They are professional across the board. Highly recommended.

I have worked with Habermehl for over 4 years now. They have been my accountants and tax advisers for my company (ZZP) and personal taxes.

Good knowledge of the Belgian tax system and cross-border issues

Also very good service and expertise.

Reliable office

They like to think along with the customer and are always available for questions.

Have been a client of this firm for a number of years.

A nice administration office that I can recommend for 100%

Habermehl helps us (IHP Beheer BV) both with our tax issues and with our daily administration.

Always a quick response.

Difficult problem solved after switching

Always easy to reach and with clear answers to my questions, my problem was solved quickly.

For years I had been struggling with my situation as a Dutch pilot living abroad. During the first phone call it immediately became clear to me that the specific knowledge was present here.

Personal approach and quick handling

During the first meeting I immediately received a lot of expert advice.

Habermehl gives me a trusted feeling so I don't have to worry about any administrative issues anymore.

10 years later another reliable partner

About 10 years ago I was a client of Habermehl for a few years. I needed tax advice again at the beginning of this 2017. As a result, I went back to Habermehl because I was satisfied at the time.

The handling was accurate, fast and I received a clear explanation regarding the tax advice. It also resulted in a tax refund.

Eye for detail, has clear advice and is flexible. Friendly and competent company
Customer-oriented, modern, fast and flexible
Good company with good knowledge and thinking along

Habermehl takes things in hand and is an expert in several areas, which gives me, as an entrepreneur, a lot of confidence in the things I need to decide.

Peace of mind and confidence that everything will be taken care of

Good in-house knowledge so that all questions are quickly answered.

Furthermore, the service I have chosen really takes the administrative work out of my hands, so that I can spend my time on the things that make money.

I was helped quickly and well

I needed help filling out my income taxes. The service so far has been very positive. I needed help with filling out my income tax. I was helped quickly and well. The service so far has been very positive.

Not only impressed with the knowledge (including international tax law) but also with Niek Pilgram's ability to explain it well

After consultants from two other organizations couldn't figure it out, Niek Pilgram perfectly explained to me within an hour what had happened in the 5 consecutive returns and assessments that suddenly made my assessments so high. I now know where I stand. Thanks!

Despite the difficult international distribution of my income, I was very well received at Habermehl

The conversation with Niek Pilgram was a relief for me. I finally feel that I am no longer alone and can confidently leave tax issues to a knowledgeable specialist. It was a very enlightening conversation with clear answers to my questions. I am glad that I now have a good address for tax advice!