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Preliminary consultations with the tax authorities

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Pre-consultation with the tax authorities if the law does not provide a solution

Sometimes you can explain tax laws in several ways. Do you doubt whether a position is correct? Call in our tax advisors for preliminary consultations with the tax authorities. That way you will quickly get clarity. You will also increase the chance that the tax authorities share your view.   

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What does preliminary consultation with the tax authorities involve?

If a tax law or rule is not unambiguous, you can check your interpretation with the Tax and Customs Administration. The agreements made during the preliminary consultation are binding. They are often laid down in a settlement agreement. International issues are referred to as rulings.

For individuals and companies

Both private individuals and companies can apply for pre-consultation. This also applies to multinationals. Most of the pre-consultation processes that we provide are about:

Benefit from our tax knowledge

If you want to be eligible for pre-consultation, your application must meet certain requirements and conditions. The tax inspector will reject your application if:

Do you want to submit a request for pre-consultation? Call in our tax experts and it will all be taken care of.

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We provide support in preliminary consultations with the tax authorities

This is our working method

Step 1
You explain the situation. The tax consultant listens and asks questions. Then he/she examines whether it makes sense to start the preliminary consultation procedure.
Step 1
Step 2
Your tax consultant writes the application according to the guidelines used by the tax authorities for preliminary consultations. If you agree, the application is submitted to the tax inspector.
Step 2
Step 3
You will receive the necessary documents at the latest at the agreed time.
Step 3
You will hear within 8 weeks whether the Tax and Customs Administration will consider your application.
Tax Office
Your advisor represents you. Where necessary, he/she will provide an oral or written explanation to the Tax Administration.
The inspector's ruling is binding and is often laid down in a settlement agreement (rulings).


Do you want to be sure you are acting smart from a tax perspective? Get in touch. Ask your questions and find out how our tax advisors can help you conduct preliminary consultations with the tax authorities. What we do, we do well. You can rely on us.

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