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Paper M-form source of frustration and errors due to complexity

The printed M form consists of about 100 difficult questions. This makes it easy to make a mistake when filling in the form. Do you want to save tax and avoid a tug-of-war with the tax authorities? Make use of our expertise. You are guaranteed to benefit from it.

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When does an M-bill apply?

If you emigrate or immigrate, you simply have to file an income tax return in the Netherlands. Both for the 'domestic' and 'foreign' months. The tax authorities combine these declarations and ask all the questions you may have. That is why the M form is so extensive and complex.

Usually you receive the M-form automatically, sometimes you don't.

As soon as you register or deregister in the Key Register of Persons (BRP), the Tax and Customs Administration is notified. In principle, you will therefore receive the tax return form automatically. This sometimes goes wrong. In that case, you have to request the form yourself.

Only intermediaries can handle the tax return and the M-bill digitally

You can only fill in the form physically (with a pen) and send it by post. This means you have no insight into the outcome. Do you want certainty? We have specific declaration software. We use it to look at various scenarios for you and show you the result.

6 reasons why doing it yourself is risky

1. Domestic and foreign taxpayer

For the months you live in the Netherlands, you are subject to domestic tax. And for the months abroad, you are subject to foreign tax.

2. The conservatory tax

In order to prevent tax evasion, the tax authorities impose a conservatory tax for example:

Most errors occur when reporting the value for this tax. There are also quite a few rules and exceptions. Make sure you are well informed about this.

3. Errors and delays in postal delivery

It often takes a long time before the M-form arrives by post. It also gets lost regularly. In that case the tax return form has to be sent again.

4. Remains connected to the Netherlands after emigration

Are you moving abroad, but your partner or family is staying in the Netherlands? It is possible that an M form is not applicable to you because, in exceptional situations, you remain fully liable to pay national tax.

5. Own company

If you have a business, get good advice before you leave.

6. Social insurance

Many emigrants forget that they pay premiums for the Dutch national insurance until the date of departure. If you work as an employee, your employer will deduct the contribution from your salary. The Tax Administration will then offset this against your income tax return.

This is how we support an M form

Curious about our working method?

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We meet (by phone) to get a good picture of your situation.
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Step 2
If you engage us, you will receive a checklist so you know which documents we need.
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Step 3
The tax consultant will take care of the tax return and will share the result with you. If you agree, he or she submits the assessment.
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Emigration and remigration involve enough. Don't feel like worrying about the tax return? And are you definitely not waiting for an unnecessarily high tax assessment, hassle with the preservation assessment and a difference of opinion with the Tax Administration? Call or mail, and we'll talk further.

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