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Take advantage of our fiscal-legal knowledge, then you can sign with confidence

One situation is not like another. Do you want to be sure that the agreement to be made is correct and will not result in a tax disadvantage? Have the contract drawn up or checked. We are specialists in recording agreements that have an impact on your fiscal position.

Therefore Habermehl for drawing up an agreement

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Do you need help with another agreement? Call or email, and you'll know within 1 business day if we can draft or check it for you.  

This is how we support agreements

This is what you can expect when you engage us

Step 1
We discuss your wishes and take stock of the situation. We do this by phone or at our office.
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Step 2
You will then receive an offer. You will also be told what information we need from you.
Step 2
Step 3
You always receive the agreement on time. Your regular contact person will go through the details with you if you wish.
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In addition to drawing up an agreement, you can also come to us for, for example tax advice and tax returns. Want to save tax or discuss a tricky tax issue? Leave your details and we will get back to you.

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