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Save tax and avoid fines and additional charges

Income tax return for entrepreneurs

Benefit from the tax advantages of entrepreneurship

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Mathijs van den Top
Mathijs van den Top

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This is how entrepreneurs save on their income tax return

As an entrepreneur, you can take full advantage of deductions for income tax returns. Yet many entrepreneurs pay too much tax. Are your profits and time dear to you? Let our tax return advisors for entrepreneurs do the work. This will give you tax benefits and peace of mind.

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Which entrepreneurs file an income tax return?

Do you have a one-man business? Are you a freelancer? Or are you part of a partnership or general partnership? If so, you fall into the category of IB businesses. This means that you receive an income tax form from the tax authorities and have to submit your tax return every year.

When are you an entrepreneur for the income tax?

The fact that you have a company does not mean that the tax authorities think you are an entrepreneur. The tax authorities look at your profitability, independence and liability. Do you doubt whether you meet the criteria and can provide sufficient proof? Ask our advisors.

Make the most of your right to tax benefits

There is a whole list of tax deductions and regulations. These include the entrepreneur's deduction, SME profit exemption, tax reserves, provisions for operating expenses and (random) depreciation of business assets. You can take advantage of this. There are two important conditions. It is a must that:

Surely this is not going to happen to you

5 common mistakes:

If you hire us as tax return consultants for your business, you won't have to worry about the above and other lapses.

The convenience of all relevant services under 1 roof

A complete and correct administration is the basis for your tax affairs. Are you considering financial administration Outsourcing? Habermehl can help you with that too. Our team consists of tax specialists, assistant accountants, lawyers and payroll administrators.

This is how we support you with your income tax

This is our working method

Together with entrepreneurs, we go through the following steps for the income tax return

Step 1
We meet to discuss how we can best help you.
Step 1
Step 2
You know exactly where you stand because you receive a clear quotation.
Step 2
Step 3
Customer portal
You will be given access to our online customer portal because we believe it is important that you can easily submit and view documents.
Step 3
The advisor draws up the declaration using our own software and always looks to see if there is room for improvement.
You receive the tax return in good time so that there is sufficient time to discuss it. After your approval, your advisor will submit the tax return to the Tax Office.

Discover how we help you get ahead

Serious entrepreneurs have their tax affairs in order. That takes time and effort. In addition, the rules change every year. Do you want to put your energy into growing your business? Contact us now and we will talk further offline.

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Quality guaranteed: we are a member of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers
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