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Objection and appeal procedure

Take action against a decision by the tax authorities

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Start objection procedure if a decision of the tax authorities raises questions

Have you received a tax fine or tax assessment that you think is incorrect? And would you like to rectify this? Our tax experts and lawyers will let you know whether starting an objection procedure is worthwhile. They will represent your interests in complex tax matters.

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Objection and appeal pays off if you do it right

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. The tax authorities are no exception. If this happens, it is up to you to object. This takes time and energy. But based on the facts, we maintain that it pays off. Since 2000, hundreds of clients have asked us to help them with their objection procedure. Our success ratio is over 85%.

What to watch out for when lodging an objection against a tax assessment or fine

To give you an idea of what our specialists look for, we have listed 7 important points below.

1. Distinguish between assumptions, opinions and facts. What works is at the facts stay and watch you position solid underpin

2. With case law make your case stronger. Research whether there have already been rulings in similar situations and refer to them. Our specialists retrieve such information via a case law database and also look at current cases if relevant.

3. Always submit your objection in time. Is the required information not available? In this situation we must always submit a pro forma appeal in. In it, we indicate that the substantive justification will follow.

4. It is nicer to keep your money with you, than to have to get it back later. That is why we automatically ask postponement of payment for the amount you disagree with.

5. Did you know that you are most likely entitled to a (fixed) cost reimbursement? You have to ask for it.

6. During the objection procedure we will always ask for heard at be. We also ask inspection of documents. For example, we were able to have a fine annulled because notes showed that the tax authorities had made a mistake. 

7. Have you received an assessment, supplementary assessment or penalty because the Tax and Customs Administration departed from a previously adopted position? If so, check whether the principle of legitimate expectations is being violated. Also, be sure to provide proof of this. 


Appeal procedure after (partial) rejection of objection

Being right is no guarantee of being right. If your objection is rejected, we will discuss with you the chances of an appeal to the tax court in your situation. If you decide to lodge an appeal, you should know that you can also count on us during this process. 

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