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Save tax and avoid fines and additional charges

Tax scan of the director and major shareholder

For an improved taxation of directors and major shareholders

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Niek Pilgram
Niek Pilgram

tax specialist
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Saving tax and being tax compliant with the fiscal scan of the director and major shareholder

Directors and major shareholders have many options for reducing their tax burden. Are you sure you are taking full advantage of them? With our fiscal scan of dga discover how and where you can save tax. In addition, this check gives you insight into how fiscally compliant you are acting and may require a dga advisor.

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Which choices will give you the most tax benefit?

Is a fiscal unity advantageous for VAT and corporate income tax returns? Are you making optimum use of the possibilities for example:

Tell us what your situation is and what your future plans are. Then you will receive an overview of potential tax savings from our dga advisor. Business and private.

How confident are you that you'll pass a tax audit?

Because the tax authorities change the rules of the game every year, it is a challenge to remain fiscally compliant. For example, do your employment, management and loan agreements comply and do you apply the TBS scheme correctly? Our tax audit gives you certainty about these and all other conditions. This way you avoid fines and other sanctions.

Take action if you want certainty of your tax position

Smart directors and managers use tax opportunities and anticipate changes and risks. Are you one of this group? Have your tax affairs examined and you will soon know exactly where you stand and where you can win money.

This is how we help with a fiscal scan of the director and major shareholder

How does the fiscal scan of the dga work?

Step 1
You will discuss your wishes, personal situation and future with your regular tax consultant.
Step 1
Step 2
He or she will perform the scan and check your tax affairs for numerous points.
Step 2
Step 3
You receive the result of the analysis and the related advice. Your tax consultant will provide you with an explanation if you wish.
Step 3
Step 4
Next steps
You can pick up the recommended improvements yourself, or let us do it for you. The choice is yours.
Step 4

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