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Inheritance tax return

We help heirs and executors by properly preparing their inheritance tax return 

After the death of a loved one, the assets and debts of the deceased go to the heirs. If the value exceeds the exempt amount, inheritance tax must be paid.
Our specialists can determine the value of the estate and complete the return as accurately as possible.

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Bernd Koster
Bernd Koster

tax advisor
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What is inheritance tax?

In an inheritance, the assets of a deceased person pass to the heirs. The heirs pay inheritance tax on the inheritance. The inheritance tax is calculated on the value of all assets minus the debts. Are the debts higher than the value of the inheritance? Then you can refuse the inheritance. As an inheritance tax advisor, we can help you with this.

When should you file your inheritance tax return?

Are you an heir or executor and receive an inheritance tax return letter? Then you must always file a tax return. Do you not receive a letter, but do you inherit more than the legal exemption that applies to you? Even then you are required to file an inheritance tax return with the Tax Office.

The inheritance tax return must be filed within 8 months of death.

Want inheritance tax advice? Enlist the help of an inheritance tax advisor. It will save time and perhaps money.

What is the difference between gift tax and inheritance tax?

If you receive a gift, you usually have to pay gift tax. However, the gift must be made at least 180 days before death, otherwise the gift is (usually) included in the value of the inheritance and inheritance tax must still be paid on it.

Do your own inheritance tax return or outsource it?

Many heirs pay more inheritance tax than necessary. This is because inheritance law is complex and each situation is unique. Do you want the tax return to go well? Our inheritance tax advisor prevents you from paying unnecessarily much inheritance tax, advises you on inheritance tax and guides the process in the right direction. 

Determine the most favourable interest rate for the claim on the surviving parent

If the first parent dies, the children will have a claim on the surviving parent. He or she will owe annual interest on this. Various factors determine which interest rate gives the best result from a tax perspective. That is why our tax specialists always calculate different scenarios.

Set the interest rate agreement for the claim in good time

Be alert to the term within which the above-mentioned interest agreement comes into effect. The Tax Authorities only recognise the agreement if you record it within 8 months after the death of the first parent.

Consider a settlement agreement after the death of the first parent

Many heirs have difficulty proving the value of unpaid child support after the death of the surviving parent. If this information is missing, you will miss out on deductions. Therefore, have a settlement agreement drawn up after the death of the first parent. This can also be done through us.

Situations in which we are called in

Our tax advisors are regularly employed as:

Good tax advice pays for itself

No one wants to pay too much tax. And certainly not for a gift.

Will you be receiving a gift or paper donation soon? Or do you have inheritance tax advice? Contact us. It's a shame to miss out on an exemption because you don't know the rules or explained them incorrectly.

The convenience of multiple specialties under 1 roof

In addition to inheritance tax, as an heir you will face questions about such things as:

But also if you want to know what you can best arrange for the future, we advise you on:

Then you are also in the right place with our team. We have the right knowledge in-house: tax specialists, (notarial) lawyers and assistant accountants, among others.

Knowing how to save on inheritance tax returns

To keep the amount of inheritance tax as low as possible, the following choices are available:

Call in an inheritance tax advisor from Habermehl if you want to save on your inheritance tax return. We know what is and isn't possible.

Common mistakes

Did you know that heirs regularly receive an unnecessarily high assessment? This happens, for example, if:

This is how we support your inheritance tax return

This is how we work

Step 1
You will meet your tax advisor at our office or over the phone. You will then receive a proposal. If you agree with the rate, then we get to work.
Step 1
Step 2
You will receive an email with a checklist so you can easily provide the right information.
Step 2
Step 3
The tax consultant delivers the draft inheritance tax return before the agreed date. This way you know for sure that there is enough time to go through the document together and to submit it to the Tax Authorities.
Step 3

Facts and figures about Habermehl

Over 1,000 individuals and businesses rely on us for tax advice
Customers rate our services with a:
4.7 out of 5 (source: Google)
Quality guaranteed: we are a member of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers
Continuous continuing education through PAOB, the Postgraduate Tax Science Education Program

Tip: reduce inheritance tax by making proper arrangements during your lifetime

Many people find it difficult to talk about their estate when they are living life to the fullest. Yet as a testator, this can save you a lot of tax dollars for your loved ones. That's why, as inheritance tax advisors, we recommend probate while alive:

Seek tax advice and benefit from our knowledge

Every year, businesses and individuals pay too much tax money. Do you have your tax affairs in order? 9 times out of 10, our tax specialists find improvements. Good tax advice pays for itself.

Customer experiences

Previously I was a client of a large accounting firm that did not do a good job. Habermehl helped me well, personally and quickly. They took care of the administration and tax returns for my private limited companies. And the settlement of an estate. Their tax advice is very valuable.
Fransje D.
I have worked with Habermehl since I started working abroad in 2009. At all times I have found reassurance and confidence for my international tax matters to be well taken care of.
Bastiaan den Braber
Habermehl has been my tax consultant for 10 years. I value good service, quick responses to questions or requests and that's great. Discussions are based on content and we always come to a conclusion.
Onno van den Brink

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