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Starting your own business

Smart starters know their administrative and tax obligations

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Niek Pilgram
Niek Pilgram

tax specialist
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Starting your own business? Take the time for your administration and taxes

Congratulations! You are going to start your own business. Before you go ahead, it's wise to know what your administrative and tax obligations are. Save yourself from costly mistakes. Schedule a consultation with our tax specialists now so that you can be perfectly prepared.

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The importance of the right legal form

Many starting entrepreneurs start a sole proprietorship because it is fiscally attractive. But what if you run enormous risks or miss out on orders? Do you have doubts about the wisdom of this? With the help of our tax specialists, you can choose the legal form that suits your business plan and personal situation.

Yes, but you can easily change the legal form, right?

That's right. But remember that this will cost you extra money, time and a lot of hassle. That is why it is better to avoid a change of legal form when you are just starting out with your business.

Attention to your administration

Setting up and maintaining the administration is one of the least favourite jobs of entrepreneurs. Yet you can not avoid it. The tax authorities can always ask to see your accounts. You also need the accounts for your tax returns and financing, for example.

Do you know all the relevant tax deductions and regulations?

If you know the rules, you can save a lot of tax if you have your own business. For example, through the SME profit exemption, your old-age reserve and the depreciation of business assets. If you meet the hour criterion - and you can prove this because your records are in order - then you are also entitled to the starter's tax allowance and the self-employed tax allowance.

Discover how we help you get ahead

Serious entrepreneurs take care of their taxes and administration. That takes time and effort. Would you rather put this energy into starting your business? Our team is happy to help you start your own business. You can rely on us.

This is how we support your business

This is our working method

Step 1
You will meet your tax consultant at our office, or during a telephone appointment if that is more convenient for you.
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Step 2
Then you decide whether you want us to provide advice and/or take care of the tax return.
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Step 3
You will receive the necessary documents at the latest at the agreed time.
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The convenience of all relevant knowledge under 1 roof

Are you looking for help with your financial administration, salary administration or international tax issues? Or would you like us to take care of your tax returns? We have the right knowledge in house. Tell us what you need and benefit from our expertise.

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