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Save tax and avoid fines and additional charges

Tax and financial advice in the event of impending dismissal

Dealing smartly with your transitional allowance

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Bernd Koster
Bernd Koster

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Tax advice in the event of dismissal will give you tax advantages and
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Losing your job brings financial uncertainty. If you receive termination or transition pay upon termination, know that a large portion of this amount goes to the IRS. Want to save taxes? Get tax advice on termination. Our tax experts will show you what's wise.

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What options do you have for saving tax when you are laid off?

It used to be possible to have severance payments paid out tax-free through the standing right scheme. Unfortunately, this scheme has been abolished. What is still possible? The best-known possibilities for saving tax on severance payments are:

Other options that can provide tax benefits for a transitional allowance

Sometimes you can get a tax break if you use the severance pay for the:

Want to know if you meet the requirements? Our severance tax advisors know the rules and will tell you what your options are.

How do you make the right choice?

It is wise to take a close look at your financial position before deciding how to spend your severance pay. What is a smart decision depends on a number of factors. Think about the amount of the compensation, your financial situation and your wishes for the future.

This is how we support you in the event of dismissal

This is our working method

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You are welcome to make an acquaintance with a tax expert. You can do this at our office in Hilversum or by telephone.
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Then you decide whether you want us to provide advice and/or take care of the tax return.
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Step 3
You will receive clear tax advice tailored to your situation.
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Take action in good time if you want to save tax on dismissal

Want to avoid paying unnecessarily high taxes on your severance pay? Get tax advice as soon as there is a risk of dismissal. Our specialists will study your situation in depth. That way, you can be sure that you will not miss any tax opportunities and will get the most out of your severance pay.

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