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Are you walking around with the question: 'Which legal form should I choose?'

Incorrect business forms inhibit your business growth and affect your personal finances. Changing the legal form is possible, but costs time and money. Want to know which legal form is suitable? Our tax and legal experts can advise you. That way, you can make a well-considered decision. You will also avoid extra (tax) costs.

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What legal forms are there?

We know 2 categories of business forms:

Without legal personality
With legal personality
You are privately responsible
for your business
Notarial act required
Sole proprietorship, partnership, general partnership
BV, NV, foundation, association

Take liability into account when choosing a legal form

Owners of unincorporated businesses are jointly and severally liable. If you choose this form, you can lose all your private possessions. For example, through poor results, claims, conflicts and problems with suppliers or staff. This argues in favour of a legal form with legal personality. Nevertheless, it is wise to also take other points, such as tax burden and costs, into consideration.

Participation, personnel and dough

Other points you want to consider when choosing a legal form are:

You can only make an informed choice if you have all the points clear. And know which factors weigh more heavily in your situation.

The convenience of everything under 1 roof

Once you have decided on your company form, you will need to arrange all sorts of things. It is useful if your account manager can answer your questions at this stage as well. If this is important to you, then Habermehl is the right partner for you.

One stop shop for all your questions about:

This is how we assist in choosing a legal form

Want to know what our working method is?

Step 1
You tell them what your plans and considerations are. The tax advisor listens and asks questions.
Step 1
Step 2
You will receive an offer.
Step 2
Step 3
If you agree, your regular tax consultant will develop the advice. You will receive the advice before the agreed date.
Step 3
The tax specialist will explain the advice and answer your questions. This meeting takes place at our office or by phone. Naturally, you will receive a summary by e-mail.
Next steps
If you like, the tax consultant will help you with the next steps. Think about a notarial deed and the drafting of agreements.

Which legal form gives you the most benefits?

Not sure which legal form is right for your company? Making the wrong choice is risky and holds you back. You can change, but it takes time and involves extra costs. Our advice: know what you are choosing. Our tax experts will lay out the facts for you. That way, you can make a well-founded decision.

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