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Study costs and training

There are possibilities to have these study costs partially paid by the tax authorities.

Are you following a course of study or training or are you planning to do so? Do you have children who want to follow a (costly) study? And do you therefore have to deal with study costs? If so, we will list the possibilities for tax deductibility for you.

Which study costs are deductible?

Study costs are deductible from the income tax if you follow them within the framework of the Improve your income position. So for a future profession or a promotion. An education that you follow as an extension of a hobby does not fall under this category. Unless you want to turn your hobby into your profession! You must therefore be able to demonstrate that you expect the study to generate a higher income. Whether this is actually the case is not important.

Deductible are:

  • tuition or fees
  • textbooks or professional literature
  • EVC-procedures (Recognition of Acquired Competences)
  • material

Children study

If your children follow a study, the costs are deductible if they pay for the study themselves. If you pay the study, the costs are not for the account of your child and are therefore not deductible. It is best to agree with your child that you will advance the study costs and that your son or daughter will repay this loan later. You can still waive this loan later as a tax-free gift. If you arrange this properly, you can quickly save a few thousand euros in tax.

This applies in particular if your child is not or no longer entitled to student finance because they are following an expensive private study programme or because their studies are taking longer than usual.

Present your specific situation?

We would be happy to discuss your specific situation with you in order to determine whether there are any tax-favourable possibilities. Contact us now contact with us.

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