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Prevent identity fraud during the holidays

What is mandatory or optional at check-in?

When you go on holiday, the hotel or campsite always wants you to hand over a copy of your passport, ID card or driving licence. Or they want to make a copy of it.

Identity Fraud

Is it allowed to hand over a copy of a document?

Hotel or campsite receptions often require you to provide a copy. You are forced to do this if you want to rent a room or a camping spot. You have flown or driven for a long time and therefore you agree.

It is not only illegal, but also unwise because of the risk of identity fraud.

Who is allowed to make a copy?

An organization may only make a copy or scan of someone's passport, ID card or driver's license in exceptional cases. This applies, among other things, if it is stipulated by law. As a financial service provider we are also obliged to make a copy. On the site of the Personal Data Authority It states who is allowed or obliged to do this. The campsite owner is NOT included in this.

Identity Fraud

With an exact copy of your passport, ID card or driving license, criminals can commit fraud and you will be the victim. Therefore, never provide an exact copy.

How should you act?

  • Do not give away your passport, identity card or driving license but have the number written down.
  • Please indicate in pencil on the copy that it is a copy.
  • Mark in pencil the copy for whom it is intended and the date of issue.
  • Use the CopyID app.
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