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Growing your business

How do you respond to that?

After the start-up phase, you will reach the next stage as an entrepreneur. You have enough customers, a growing turnover and less and less free time. Your business is growing and you need to respond to this.

Growing your business

As your business grows, so do your risks. Habermehl employs business advisors who will guide you through this process.


You can't run your business alone. What if you are ill? You therefore wish to take on staff. What are the risks? Which employment contract do I use? How do I keep the payroll? We have been helping entrepreneurs with these issues for years.


Your one-man business or general partnership is getting more and more customers. And so the chance increases that a customer may go bankrupt. You also want to hire staff. Does a sole proprietorship or VOF still suffice, or should you set up a BV? Every day we advise entrepreneurs on setting up a BV (private limited company) structure. Setting up a BV has become increasingly easier but the tax aspects can be very complex.


  • contribution of your company to the BV
  • the customary wage
  • building up a pension in your own private limited company
  • loss relief
  • tax entity
  • Current account with the BV
  • interest deduction limitation
  • transfer pricing

You have to record everything in agreements. We will take this worry off your hands. We will set up the most efficient BV structure for you. Not a Christmas tree, but a simple structure that will last you for years.

Real estate

Your business is growing and you wish to purchase your own premises. In the current times, this can be a wise choice. Get good advice about the possibilities. Will you purchase the property privately or will you have your private limited company purchase it? Should you rent it out partly or to your own company? There are many possibilities but only a few options are fiscally friendly. Do you also take into account VAT and transfer tax?

Can you use some help?

Can you use some help after reading this now that your business has grown? Habermehl has years of experience and expertise. Take contact with us.

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