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Business succession, selling your company

You're ready for the next step. But now what?

Who can take over your business? A family member or an employee? Maybe both. Finding a successor is difficult. Finding the right financing also makes business succession difficult, especially in these times.

Business succession, selling your company?

Are you thinking about succession, selling your company? Habermehl helps you. We have years of experience and expertise in this area.

Business succession facilities

The tax authorities encourage the acquisition of a company after death. For the first € 1,000,000 the acquisition is exempt from inheritance tax. The excess is exempt for 83 %. For this, you get a 10-year deferral of payment.

But you can also make use of tax facilities before your death. For example:

  • transferring part of the shares to the children
  • or setting up a VBI (exempt investment fund)
  • or an earn-in arrangement for an employee

Buying a business?

As a buyer, you don't take any chances. Is the price right? Ask ten accountants to calculate the value of a company and you will get ten different answers. And the price will be different again. Value is not equal to price.

  • You set the price.
  • Will the bank go with you? Under what conditions?
  • Do you act as a private guarantor for the financing of your BV?
  • Does the seller agree to your terms?

The tax aspects are an important part of the final solution, so be well informed.

Habermehl as a consultant?

Do you want Habermehl to act as advisor in your company succession? Then take contact up!

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